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CivicLex Guides High Schoolers on How to Engage Locally

CivicLex Guides High Schoolers on How to Engage Locally

CivicLex is showing high school students in Fayette County Public Schools (FCPS) how to interact with their community responsibly via government outlets, nonprofits, and other local organizations. Through a traveling expo that visits their school, the teenagers can also find out how to become an informed voter and explore various career fields.  

“Teaching government is one thing, but I know for a fact that you have to be active in the community,” said Tracy Bollinger of Frederick Douglass High School, host of this fall’s first expo.  

Thanks to the partnership with CivicLex, Bollinger and fellow FCPS teachers can offer their students interactive experiences to learn how to support their city. Over the next few months, students will investigate critical issues facing Lexington and come up with proposals to help.

"We’re hoping to show them and empower the kids to make some changes by reaching out and contacting the people who make the changes within the community," said CivicLex’s Stephanie Mobley.

Source: Spectrum News 1



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