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What is Opportunity Middle College?

Opportunity Middle College (OMC) is collaboration between Fayette County and Bluegrass Community and Technical College (BCTC). Our OMC student body consists of juniors and seniors from each of the 6 public high schools in Fayette County. We are housed at BCTC’s Cooper Campus. Our goal is to provide access and supports to our students to allow them the opportunity to take college class while they are still in high school. Although, all 6 high schools offer dual credit courses, our program is unique in that we provide the integration of high school and college courses in the college setting.

How do I apply to attend OMC?

The application process begins in January when students begin to think about their schedules for the next school year. Rising juniors and seniors may obtain an application packet from their home school guidance counselor. The application packet consist of a recommendation page from the counselor, the principal, a teacher, and the parent/guardian. Following completion of the application, each applicant will be interviewed by an OMC staff member. Final acceptance into OMC is usually completed by mid-April.

After acceptance at OMC, arrangements will be made for any college placement testing that is necessary and meetings with college advisors to select college courses for the fall semester. This step is usually completed prior to the end of the school year.

Are there any expenses to attend Opportunity Middle College?

Most OMC students are not required to pay tuition nor purchase their own textbooks. However, students who are not qualified for free-and-reduced lunch will have to pay one-third (33%) the cost of their college tuition.

What high school will be listed on my diploma?

Each graduating senior will receive their diploma from their home high school.

Will I have a graduation ceremony?

OMC graduating seniors may participate in graduation ceremonies with their home high school.

How many college credits can I earn?

New students may take two courses in the fall semester and, depending on their college grades (3.0 or higher college GPA), may take three courses in the spring semester. Returning students, with a 3.0 or higher college GPA, are allowed to take four college courses in the fall semester and four college courses again in the spring semester. Many OMC students graduate from high school with 20-30+ college credit hours.

May I take more than the minimum number of college courses?

Yes, by maintaining a 3.0+ college GPA, students may obtain permission to take additional college classes at their own expense, which will be at a reduced cost.

May I take on-line classes?

Yes. We offer online high school courses. However, we discourage students from taking an online college course unless no other option for the course is available.

Will my credits transfer to another college?

BCTC is an accredited member of the Kentucky Community and Technical School system. BCTC has excellent partnership/transfer agreements with all of the state supported 4 year universities such as UK, UL, EKU, Morehead, etc.

Many BCTC courses will transfer to many other colleges and universities. However, to ensure credits will transfer, students should check with the college or university they wish to transfer to or get advising from BCTC’s transfer office.

What is the typical schedule of a Middle College student?

BCTC courses are blocked Monday-Wednesday and Tuesday-Thursday, therefore OMC high school classes are blocked the same. Each student will have a high school schedule that is worked around their college classes to ensure that all required credits for graduation are earned.

Who teaches the classes?

The college classes are taught by BCTC college professors and the high school classes are taught by Fayette County high schools teachers.

Can Middle College students play high school sports?

Yes, students may participate in sports and any other extra-curricular activities at their home high school.

Will transportation be provided?

Yes, students may ride their regular bus from home to their home high school. From there they will ride a bus to BCTC’s Cooper Campus to be dropped off at OMC. Students will then return home the same way, a bus will pick them up here at OMC and return them to their home high school where they will ride their regular bus home.

Do I need to fill out an application for BCTC?

In addition to the OMC application which can be obtained from the home high school counselor, accepted students must also complete an on-line application to BCTC.

When do I sign up for my college classes?

After completion of either the ACT or BCTC's college placement exams, a college advising session will be arranged by OMC.

What scores do I need to have on the ACT or college placement exam to enroll in college classes?

For the majority of classes a Reading score is needed, on the ACT the score is at least 20 and on the Wonderlic at least 325.  For ENG 101/102, a writng score on the ACT should be at least 18 and the Wonderlic is at least 310. For mathematics, you will need a score of at least 19 on the ACT and a 290 on the Wonderlic to enroll in MA 111, Contemporary Mathematics.  For College Algebra, MAT 150, an ACT score of 22 and a Wonderlic score of 330 is needed for enrollment.

Where/How do I sign up for my college classes?

You will enroll in your college classes during a meeting with your college advisor. This will be arranged by OMC.

What if I have other questions?

Please feel free to contact the district's School Leadership support staff at (859) 381-4233.